Alpaca Sweaters & More
Alpaca Sweaters & More

Alpaca Sweaters & More

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Alpaca Sweaters & More offers artisanal items handmade by small communities in the highland of Ecuador.
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I am Amy, the owner of Alpaca Sweaters & More. I am a mother, wife, educator, entrepreneur and a former paramedic dedicating her life to raise a beautiful family that knows the value of culture, tradition, workmanship, nature and the magnificent world we live in. 
I was born and raised in Ecuador by a Canadian mother and an Ecuadorian father and I am proud to say that the values I learnt while growing up among two amazing cultures has made my journey a beautiful one. 
Alpaca Sweaters & More is definitely the professional highlight of my life! Working directly with communities raising awareness of their lovely traditional crafts has been a wonderful project. 
All the beautiful items I sell have been made by members of artisanal small communities in the highland Andes of Ecuador, using techniques handed down by their forebears that date back thousands of years. The traditions in these communities have endured the test of time and if not cherished and protected it will be lost one day. 
Together we all work towards the same goal; protect tradition, culture, art and bring awareness to techniques that should be preserved for eternity.
Please support our dreams of creating a better tomorrow..

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