Blake Payne - Spiritual Medium
Blake Payne - Spiritual Medium

Blake Payne - Spiritual Medium

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Connecting people with their loved ones who have passed can be a truly life-changing experience.
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I started this spiritual journey in 2015, when I realized my connection with Spirit. Born and raised in Baltimore, Ontario, I grew up in a quiet, close-knit community. Having grown up with anxiety, I never truly understood the source of it. Reflecting back on my life, there were experiences with Spirit for which I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until May 2015, when I went to see a psychic medium for the first time, that I began experiencing communication with Spirits on the other side.

A rose quartz crystal was given to me as part of the reading. Reluctantly, I took the crystal home and three weeks later started having open communication with Spirit. From that point, everything changed. I began this healing journey with the assistance of my grandparents; who provided me with unconditional love and support during my time of need. I’ve always gravitated toward my love for the breed – Samoyeds. Unknown to me, this would be a major sign from one of my grandmothers; who never left my side during the difficult times. My grandmother, along with my other grandparents, have proved to me the power of love you can receive from the other side. I quickly progressed with these interactions with Spirit.

As these experiences continuously appeared, I sought out for answers. One day months later, I came in contact with Carmel Joy Baird’s website, which turned into learning, growing, understanding, and healing. A graduate of the Certified Mediumship Program with Carmel Joy Baird. I want to provide the same loving support that I received and continue to receive from Spirit. Connecting people with their loved ones who have passed can be a truly life-changing experience. I want to share my story and new found knowledge that has forever changed my life. Life should be about our experiences and how we can learn and grow from them. 

I am on a mission to show people that there really is life after death and that our loved ones may be physically gone, but spiritually they are a lot closer than we think – we just need to keep an open mind. I want to bring practicality back into spirituality and have something tailored to the individual. I also believe that musical and lyrical content can be beneficial with not only the healing process, but adapting with day to day living.

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