DelecTable by Zarla Jane
DelecTable by Zarla Jane

DelecTable by Zarla Jane

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Our goal is to make your life easy by delivering fully prepared meals that are ready to heat and eat.
You can look forward to meals that are full of flavor from bold spices of curries to subtle broth of plants-based pho.
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All our meals are 100% whole food plant-based and...

  • Free from dairy, meat, fish, and refined sugars
  • Includes Gluten-free products
  • Free from fake meats and textured vegetable soy protein
  • Includes real, fresh and quality ingredients and source local produce and items.
  • Made without vinegar, black pepper or any stimulants
  • Made by a certified chef
  • Customized for your health needs. We offer meal options that are free from soy, nuts, night shades, goitrogens.
  • Made as large sized portions to keep you feeling full and satisfied while keeping your weight in good balance 

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