Merzay's Bands
Merzay's Bands

Merzay's Bands

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Merzay’s Bandz was born from an idea that practical sewn products can be fun and fashionable as well as comfortable and easy to use.
Our head bands are for the times when you are working out or just want to be casual such that you just want your hair away from your face.
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The name Merzay was given to Marie as child by her mother and is a fast, Dutch contraction of her first and middle names – Marie Josephina.  More often than not, when Marie heard herself being called Merzay, she knew she had been caught by her mother in some sort of mischief and was being called to account for it.  Today, recalling the name evokes a round of laughter from our mother - as well as from us – for the memories of the simplicity and joy of being a child. 

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