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Opal Wing

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Inspired by the untouched and raw beauty of fossils, gemstones, crystals and natural materials, Opal Wing Jewellery came into being in 2004.
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Founder Naomi Assenheim experienced a profound connection with her own ancestry after discovering that her great grandparents were jewelers.

From this legacy, Opal Wing Jewellery has grown into an award winning Spirited Jewellery business. With a background in Cultural Anthropology, Naomi focused much of her research on concepts of adornment and spirituality. It was in the Canadian Arctic where she began training as a jewellery maker. Studying with Inuit Carvers and Silversmiths in the far north, to Goldsmiths and Shamans in the south, allowed Naomi to share a colourful and unique perspective to the modern Jewellery world. Dedicated to following her heart, Naomi and her family recently moved to the Georgian Bay region in Ontario in search of a peaceful, simpler life, in sync with nature. Today Opal Wing Jewellery pieces are handcrafted in the Woodland Studio; a rustic studio in the woods where she can wander the forest for buds, branches and never ending inspiration.

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