The Empty Nest Bed & Breakfast
The Empty Nest Bed & Breakfast

The Empty Nest Bed & Breakfast

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The Empty Nest is more than just a bed and breakfast.
Disconnect. Leave it all behind. Come enjoy this place of peace and tranquility.
Phone: 613-849-1406
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"I grew up swimming in this beautiful bay. My parents had a cottage just down the lane and my brother lives next door.

For 11 years I lived abroad with my growing family in Germany. When we moved back to Canada, we built this house, and it was here that I learned the art of being a good host and a lot more about entertaining and cooking beautiful food for people I love. My European friends and relatives came to visit us in the summers which meant a constant buzz of energy and joy in the home.

Opening The Empty Nest, after my kids left, was a way for me to continue sharing this beautiful, peaceful place with you!"

- Susan Jaehn-Kreibaum, Owner and Operator

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